Fly Fishing

Just minutes from La Rinconada, Los Alerces Park offers arguably some of the best Fly Fishing in the world. Rio Rivadavia connects two large lakes in Los Alerces Park. Often guides will start in Lago Rivadavia and make their way to Lago Futalaufquen. The fishing offers Rainbow and Brown trout with occasional Brookies and Landlocked Salmon, depending on the water temperature and time of the year. Wading and drifting down to Lago Futalaufquen ends the day then its back to La Rinconada to grill up the days catch and enjoy some of the delicous wine the region has to offer.


Our beautiful new yoga studio overlooks stunning Andean peaks and the Rivadavia river valley below. When you visit La Rinconada you will have the opportunity to experience Argentina in a unique way. 

Horseback Riding

 This area is horse country. You will see working gauchos and can set up horse rides with local guides.


Los Alerces Park is just minutes down the road from La Rinconada Ranch and is easily one of the most beautiful attractions in central Patagonia, the dense forests, lakes, lagoons, hills, and tall glaciers that make up Los Alerces National Park sprawl across an impressive 631,000 acres. The Park boasts some twenty different excursion trails, fit for vehicular as well as horseback and mountain biking expeditions. Some of the most popular and majestic trails include the following: Cinco Saltos Trail: An intermediately difficult ascent, this trail takes roughly two and a half hours, with a departure from Puerto Limonao and a destination at Los Pumas stream waterfalls. 

La Rinconada also offers a network of trails that tour through the 880 acre property that are accessible just outside your door. 

Overland Travel

For those interested in getting out and exploring the the Patagonia, renting a car opens up the chance to travel overland to the many parks and destinations that are within a days drive of La Rinconada.